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Posted by daurel pe 15 martie 2012

Empatizez cu cei care au scos din iarna cel putin o pisica; am toata admiratia pentru fermieri, dupa cum am incercat sa scriu intr-o postare recenta

Why children need a pet

To have someone to watch their favorite cartoon with.

To have someone to yell at the neighbor’s cat with

To clean their face off so Mom doesn’t have to

To use as a warm pillow

To use as a comfy chair

To help the big couch not seem quite so big

To use as a blanket when theirs is in the wash

To have a staring contest with

To use as a couch pillow

To keep them from rolling off the couch

To make sure Mom gets their good side even when they are sleeping

To hold their binky for them while they sleep

To listen to them read a funny story

To help them reach the forbidden cookie jar

To sun bathe with them

….and most important to be thankful  for each other!

PS. Le-am „trantit” pe pagina exact cum le-am primit pe mail; cred ca nici nu trebuie traduse…



Un răspuns to “Solidaritate”

  1. Marycix said

    Imi pare rau ca nu pot vedea aceste imagini!

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